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What Matters Most is Story: Why I Love Pro Wrestling

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What Matters Most is Story

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love professional wrestling and specifically, the WWE. As a wrestling fan, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year – “WrestleMania Season.” A time 32 years ago when wrestling Jesus, Hulk Hogan, and Mr. T truly changed the world forever. This is the part of the year when WWE, culminates twelve months’ worth of stories into a single event usually hosted in the largest possible venue they can get their hands on.

This year, the WWE has picked the venue of venues to host the granddaddy of them all, Jerry World. The reasoned expectation is that over 100,000 mostly sweaty Europeans will jam into AT&T Stadium on April 3rd to witness and enjoy the pageantry of it all, but this year couldn’t be more different.

But why? Why is everyone so down on WrestleMania 32? And I mean everyone…..Some would argue that it is related to a lack of Star Power caused by Injuries, some would argue that the PG era has stunted growth, some would argue the availability of WWE network in Arkansas. Those arguments wouldn’t be wrong, but they don’t address the real issue.

The WWE has done something that we as business owners and marketers have to do all the time, develop new products, in WWE’s case new stars. Every era of WWE has one, Billy Graham, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena and now the WWE wants Roman Reigns to be next in line. He has all the attributes you look for in a superstar ; the look, the pedigree (he is The Rock’s Cousin), he can wrestle his face off, he is solid enough on the microphone. He should be a huge multiplatform star and giant money maker for the WWE, but it hasn’t worked.

They tried with all their might to make him a crowd favorite last year and it didn’t work. To Vince McManhon, the head of WWE, this must be confusing. This former NCAA all-american has every tool to be the companies top product, but he is failing and it’s not his fault, because it is not that they aren’t giving their customer what they want, it is they aren’t giving it to them in a way they want.

Don’t believe me watch this…

Why is a badass samoan killing machine borrowing lines from Elmer Fudd and what does this have to do with my business? You could have the greatest product in the world but if you don’t position it with your customers in a way that they can understand, they won’t buy it and it won’t connect, even if it is six foot six and spitting fire.

At the end of the day it always boils down to one simple thing … story. What are we trying to communicate? And how are we trying to communicate it? You can produce the highest quality video, web and marketing of the best product in the world but if it doesn’t speak to your brand proposition and communicate to your desired audience in a way that they want and can digest, there is literally no point in doing it. So as you venture out to tell the world about your next great product make sure you:

  • Identify your audience
  • Focus test your message/product
  • Engage in Social Listening
  • Lift hard, bump rails and get swole
worst marketing image ever

Every Company is a Media Company

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I haven’t personally adopted blogging for my business. And it’s hypocritical because I have certainly told clients that they need to be blogging. To be honest, I’ve never liked the word “blogging”. It immediately diminishes the quality of the work just because of the medium it’s in which it’s being delivered. I mean, obviously this is Pulitzer level stuff here. But I guess I’ve always been scared of long form writing like this because of the sense of permanence. Images run through my mind of turning 80 years old and some 16 year old descendant of mine will be reading this very article and pointing out the grammatical errors I’ll be sure to make. But I am going to start making these posts more regular and less sporadic (thank you Clueless for teaching me the meaning of that word, and to my two older sisters for making me watch it. I may at some point throw a Troop Beverly Hills reference out there. Fair warning.) But, I want to make sure these articles give my limited audience at least some entertainment as well as a few tidbits of information spanning the spectrum of marketing. Yes, at times, they will be self-serving.

Think of Your Company as a Media Company

Class reunions aren’t really my thing but if I went back and was asked the inevitable question, “what are you doing now?”, my answer would be broad because at our company, Borderline Media Company, we’re working on a lot of different things. We have a film project in development, an upcoming launch of an app, a government communications contracts, and a stable of private clients ranging from a Business Godfather who we helped release a top selling book and a company revolutionizing internal communications using movie clips. We are persistent, media problem solvers who like to look at any company’s communication challenges and offer unique solutions.

It’s been over the past several years of working with a motley crew of clients, that certain patterns have emerged. They all require a massive amount of content. The lifespan of most content today is so short that a blog article meticulously scrutinized by a large marketing team and subject matter experts is outdated after just a few days. A video that cost 10’s of thousands of dollars becomes yesterday’s news in just a few months. If you’re a very large company, perhaps you can afford the fuel to power your content marketing machine. But what about the small and medium sized companies wanting to focus their precious resources on their core mission?

That’s the core question we are asking at Borderline. Using the best tools for research and analytics, how can we tailor a content marketing machine that not only delivers you great written content, but also a great brand video, weekly video, and constant graphics. More on this soon–it’s something I’m very excited to share.

My Marketing Advice

I told you I would give you something useful at the end of this article so I thought I would share one of my favorite new tools. I am big follower on Product Hunt, a reddit of sorts for new start-ups. They often catapult new companies and tools to mainstream popularity. Meerkat and Periscope benefited from their platform. Anyways, one of my favorite new tools is from a company called PaveIQ. They built a great tool for removing one of the things in this world I hate the most, Referral Spam muddling with my Google Analytics. If you don’t have a problem giving their tool access to your Analytics account, I would highly recommend their service. It’s free and extremely easy. It basically saves you the time of identifying new referral spam in your analytics and writing a filter in your analytics view. They keep a running list of new spam bots so you don’t have to spend time hunting them down.


That’s it for this post. Leave the money on the dresser before you leave. Yes, I made a prostitution joke at the end of this marketing blog post. I’ll have to have a fight with my business partners about how this joke is an “all risk and no reward” joke that shouldn’t be said. But how funny will this be on my 80th birthday and my 16-year-old descendant throws this joke in my face as being insensitive and offensive. It will be a riot.

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